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Blizzard Bags

Blizzard Bags

*Assigned classwork and/or tests etc. takes priority over Blizzard Bag assignments.

Dear St. Rocco School Families:

A “Blizzard Bag” is a snow day, except…

  • you do the assigned home lessons…
  • use your books, pencils, pens, paper and computer (if there is access)... 
  • some lessons will include activities…

“Blizzard Bag” assignments are generated by your child’s teacher as an extension of their academic studies and will cover classwork at the time of a snow day(s).
Blizzard Bags will be prepared by the teacher and sent home. The bag will always remain at home. Refills of work assignments will be sent home in the Thursday Packet as needed.
Within the “Blizzard Bag”, there will be assignments which need to be completed.  These assignments will be numbered for the snow day. For example, if school is closed for one day, only ‘number 1’ assignment will be required. For two snow days, ‘number 1 and number 2’ will be required, etc. The special subject class assignments for music, art, religion and middle school health will need to be completed only if you have that particular class(es) on that snow day.

Students must bring in completed assignments upon returning to school. The assignments will be credited.

If your child has questions regarding his/her assignments, they may e-mail their teacher. Over the course of the ‘school day’ hours, teachers will periodically check their e-mail and answer student questions. However, their response will be dependent on their ability to access the internet.
Your support and understanding is appreciated during what may be a difficult winter season!

Many Blessings,
Mrs. Lorraine S. Moschella

The “Blizzard Bag” is a method utilized for any type of emergency whenever school will not be in session!
Many Blessings,
Mrs. Lorraine S. Moschella

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