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Fundraising Opportunities

Dear Parents and Guardians,           

Each year a number of fundraising programs are made available to our school families. You may select as many or few as you wish. Every family is responsible for contributing to Saint Rocco School fundraising efforts. This money is accounted for in the annual budget and all families are required to contribute their “fair share” of $500.00 per family. This fee is added to your annual tuition plan. Fundraising programs are calculated by calendar year, not by school year. Therefore, all monies raised by you, through specified school sponsored fundraisers, will be applied to your (Facts Tuition Account) for the 2019-2020 school year as a one-time credit in February 2020. If you paid your tuition and fundraising fee in full, a refund check of your fundraising will be mailed to you.

*Any excess monies raised over the $500.00 will be applied to your tuition.

Listed below are the fundraisers which will apply to your mandatory obligations:            

YEAR ROUND - Stop and Shop Gift Cards - 5% of total sales (Jan. – Dec.)
                            Stop & Shop gift cards are available for purchase in the Rectory Office*.
                            *Rectory Office Hours: M-TH 8:30am-4:30pm & Friday 8:30am-12:00pm

                            Gift Card Order Form


Purchase  Gift Cards from National Retailers ~ discounts range from 2%-15% or more! 

Click here for more information.

FALL - Meadow Farms Gift Catalogue ~ 35% to 40% of your total sales

             Holiday Pie Sale ~ 35% to 50% of your total sales

SPRING - Cookie Dough ~ 35% to 40% of your total sales


As always, we thank you for your cooperation and support. 
Feel free to call the school at 944-2993 with any questions or concerns.
Many Blessings,

Mrs. Lorraine Moschella

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